X (P90) and eXodus

I guess I didn't realize exactly how busy the end of the school year gets. Hence the space in between this and the last blog post.

For those of you that haven't seen the long, crazy infomercials, P90X is a set of workout DVDs (I believe there are 13 total). It is supposed to be a "revolutionary" new workout, implementing the idea of "muscle confusion." Without muscle confusion, one can workout for a year and after about 3 or 4 months you won't notice much change. Brent has noticed this in his own life, as he has been consistently lifting weights 3 days a week since last fall. At first he noticed a lot of change, but now, he has plateaued.

A few people have told us about P90X, and several of our friends are going through the series... and they say it is a true workout. Well, Brent decided that we have to do this. It is a 90 day commitment, and after 30 days the workout changes (therefore, muscle confusion).

We are ordering the DVDs and will begin when they arrive. I'll let you know if I'm alive at the end of it all!


We knew the time was coming. Yesterday, it was upon us. Our great friends, Shane and Meagan, loaded the trailer and headed off...and we followed them. (Okay, so that part wasn't planned; I'll fill you in).

Friday night Brent and I brought supper over as they finished up packing. I was feeling a little lousy, with the start of a bad head cold, but we got everything ready to go for the next day of packing.
Brent and I even managed to help them clean some ice cream out of their freezer!

I didn't even know that such a thing as this existed: Puffs with VICKS! Shane and I really enjoyed the smell of vicks, and it helped clear my head some.
We headed back over Saturday morning, planning on simply helping them load up the truck, the suv, and the trailer and then waving as they drove off into the sunset.

Well...things didn't go quite as planned. Once we (and by we I mean Shane and Brent) got all the big stuff loaded into the trailer, we quickly realized we would be needing another truck...or two or three. We were all making phone calls, tracking down someone who would be willing to lend us a truck, when Brent and Shane decided they could maybe get enough more stuff in the trailer that it would just take our car for extra help. Thus began a crazy game of life sized "tetris" as they called it! You would think that 3 hours into all this these guys would have been at their wits end-- well not these two! They were cracking themselves up with each box they accomplished to find a space for. Brent said, "And just like the original Exodus, we created another miracle..." They actually accomplished fitting enough stuff in the trailer to only need our car!

They were thrilled with themselves and just kept laughing. (Please note what Shane is holding in his hand: There was not a single spot it would fit...so I got to hold it on my lap as we drove to their home town).

Their little home town is directly on the Ohio river and it was a lot of fun to unload, walk around with them, and they even treated us to supper because they felt bad that we "had" to make the trip. We were happy to help, but a little sad that they left. They are currently looking for jobs in this area though, and hoping to move back soon...we may have to lend our car again!

Today I slept a lot, trying to beat this cold. We did get some cleaning done as well (Brent has been wonderful). Tomorrow I am in the dunk tank for our "reading carnival" at school...brrrr.


Anonymous said...

Saying goodbye sure doesn't make a bad cold feel any better, huh? I'm so sorry you had to say goodbye to these great friends. From all that you've talked about them, I think their friendship alone was worth the move to Louisville.

Get to feeling better and maybe if you whine enough you won't have to go in the dunk tank. Come on, I know you can do it (the whining, I mean!). Love you. ~Mom

Micah Wolf said...

A. you didn't mention that your BFF is on day 64 of 90 in p90x...I am a bit hurt.
B. glad you found a deal....good luck, my muscles are a bit confused right now :)
C. its like having a P90x baby, commitment is right
4. I am pretty sure I told you about Puffs with Vicks, that is all I buy.
Cinco: I love you!!

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