will you be done living?

Last night I was able to go to a concert put on by our school's IJM group [International Justice Mission... Kali did an internship for them when she was here. For more information about this group and what they stand for check out : http://www.ijm.org/]

The concert hosted singer/songwriter Justin McRoberts [who, don't worry, I had never heard of either]. The lyrics to a lot of his songs were phenomenal [and I'm sure Brent would have loved the beat/rhythm...another difference we've found between us: I listen to the words, he listens to the music... I digress]. One in particular really struck a chord with me:

The question isn't "Are you gonna die?" -- You're gonna die.
But "Will you be done living when you do?

It's one of those big topics that we don't really think about too often, or feel uncomfortable thinking about. But for some reason last night as I sat there and the music floated around me I really thought about the question: Will I truly be done living when I die...will I have put everything into life that I could? Whether that means dealing with bigger stuff like being a light for Christ, or being the best mother I can be, or speaking up for those who have no voice of their own-- or the smaller stuff: like eating chocolate and not caring about a few extra pounds, or laughing out loud in the movie theater, or splashing through puddles even if it means an extra load of laundry...????

The question isn't "Are you gonna die?-- You're gonna die.
But "Will you be done living when you do?"

I hope that as a Christian I can say "YES!"
I hope that as a wife I can say "YES!"
A mother, a daughter, a friend "YES!

Will you be done living when YOU die?

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