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Well, I'm back at Northwestern and I think Spring has finally sprung! I had a wonderful time at home [and realized it had been awhile as my ears popped when I drove through some hills! darn Iowa will do that to ya! :)]

Instead of doing individual posts about the things I mentioned earlier I will just do a picture diary to catch everyone up :) Enjoy:

Although this is just one of my five classes of freshman, you can tell that I had my hands full of a lot of energy! What a wonderful student teaching experience I had...it went so fast but I really do feel like I learned a lot and that I am prepared to be in my own classroom. Now about finding a job....

I spent my first six weeks with the seniors, and this wonderful lady: Mrs. Wiese:

When I moved onto the freshman I worked with Mrs. Sandbulte-- who is able to work magic with the freshman! Both of these ladies were absolutely fantastic to work with and I hope to keep in touch [Mrs. Sandbulte, if you're reading this that means you have to write on your blog! :)]

I came home to a big surprise after my last day of student teaching-- My roommate, Renae, threw me a SURPRISE birthday party...and boy was I surprised. There were 20 + of my wonderful college friends who all pitched in and got me an impressive gift card to a bookstore so I can stock my teacher self with good books! How thoughtful. Here is Renae's brother Joel, on the lookout:
Do I look a little red? I was completely shocked! Behind me is Jenny, the decoy who had asked me to go out for coffee...little did I know ...
Here are some of them in the living room... I wish I would have got a good picture of everyone- oh well! Yep, the decorated and everything! It was a wonderful, wonderful surprise!

OH yes... and this is out of order, BUT my roommates won the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! Renae [far left] is the manager, and Amy and Deb are the allstars. Deb is currently in Houston right now at Training camp for the WNBA Comets [Yeah, she's really good]. These are the girls I went to all the games with [since all of my roommates were typically busy on game nights :)] They were a fun group. For the championship game we made signs for all of them. We even made a sign for Renae!! Okay...I'm going to end it here. I have some picutres of Brent and me from this past weekend that I will post later.Thanks for being patient with me.

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Brent said...

It is finally nice to see a picture of what Mrs. Wiese and Mrs. Sandbulte look like. Now i can picture who you always talk about (after the fact). haha its ok, you're the best blogger I have ever seen and trust me I read a ton of blogs :)