subbing fourth grade

It's a bit of a shift to go from high school to elementary but I'm enjoying my day so far... but ask me again at 3 oclock :) One girl during free writing time did, however, write a story about how cool/awesome/funny the substitute, Miss Carroll, is...so I suppose it's been a good day :)

The teacher I am sitting in for today is sick--stomach flu I believe-- and Mrs. Sandbulte, if you're reading this, I FORGOT HAND SANITIZER AT HOME!! I'm on her computer right now so if I wind up sick tomorrow, you all know what hit me.

This is short but I just wanted to update those of you on the edge of your seats waiting for the next post...I'm sure there are a few of you [at least, I have to think that in order to keep writing].

More will come but for now, I must pick up "my" students from lunch-- and choke down a sandwhich on the way! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelsey -
Just wanted you to know that I check your blog almost every day!Excited to see you next weekend!

Love, Aunt Lois

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vzadventures said...

Wow Kelsey...fourth grade! I bet they are fun and challenging, all at the same time. I did my student teaching in 2nd grade and Kindergarten. I definitely think I'm much better with the 7 and under crowd. ;) Fourth grade would be fun though, because they can "get it" at that point.

I was "tagged" on my blog by a friend and I'm supposed to tag other people, so TAG! If you get the chance and want to cut and paste the questions, you can get them on my blog. NO pressure! Have a great day!