playing tag

I've never been tagged before either, Roberta! Roberta has tagged me and now I am supposed to tell you all a little bit more about myself-- I figure it will be a good activity on this rainy day.

I am: the product of Godly men and women.

I think: that the smell of rain in the spring is peaceful.

I know: that there is a God and that He loves us more than we can even imagine! [leaving this the same]

I want: sunshine on June 7, 2008

I wish: I could eat whatever I want without worrying about fitting into my wedding dress!!! Yikes-- it was a little snug last time.

I miss: Brent.

I fear: DOGS!!! Yep, the secret is out.

I feel: goose-bumpy when I rub my hands against jean fabric.

I hear: The rain splatting outside

I smell: the rain mixed with Northwest Iowa...maybe not the best mixture.

I crave: pizza hut pizza and olive garden [almost always, really]

I search: for apartments in Louisville, KY

I wonder: what my future children will look like?

I regret: the many times I backmouthed my mother.

I love: thinking about my future with Brent, and my family, and cookie dough [not necessarily in that order :)]

I ache: because I have been doing Taebo [I think this is supposed to be a little deeper :)]

I care: about justice.

I always: smell books.

I am not:an independent woman.

I believe: that we are supposed to live in community as CHristians.

I dance: for my roommates... and they laugh at me.

I sing: too loudly, too off-key, and at all the wrong moments!

I cry: easily.

I don't always: take showers daily...yucky, but true.

I fight: rarely.

I write: not as much as I would like to, but more than the average person.

I win: because I am too competitive. :)

I lose: the game of being more patient than Brent.

I never: eat peas or mushrooms.

I confuse: very easily when it comes to math.

I listen: more intently now than I did before I met Brent.

I can usually be found: . Yep, I can ususually be found expect when hiding in front of the house at the age of 2.

I am scared:of losing my future children or my husband.

I need: June 7th.

I am happy about: the amazing friends I have made in college and the fact that my sister is coming up this weekend!

I hope: that others see the love of CHrist in my life.

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*carrie* said...


Love the new pix on your blog!! Excited to read updates as they unfold . . .

See you tomorrow.