these days...

These days I am:

- asking, "Do you need to go potty 23,098,237 times a day.
- using any "free time" aka "dual nap time" I have to sit outside and sweat and tan and read [it usually lasts for ten minutes].
- thankful that Becks is a better nurser than Blythe was and that prayers were answered in that regard
- trying to do Ab Ripper X [from the p90X workouts] with Brent, and it's comical
- trying to live fully and be thankful in the present
- going to push myself to write more- either on this blog or in my "Grandma Pat" project
- thankful for a husband who actively helps me with the kids, a 2.5 month old who sleeps through the night, and a toddler who makes my days so.much.fun
- gearing up for fall softball.

These days Brent is:

- working like a maniac at the bank to get ready for their big compliance exam in August.
- working like a maniac, physically, and getting ready for his third sprint-triathalon this weekend.
- hilarious. Seriously, the guy cracks me up on a daily basis. Maybe I just find him funnier because I'm more tired?
- enjoying getting to know Becks more and more.
- wrestling, racing, coloring with, feeding pancakes to, and running around town with Blythe.
- singing and guitar-ing in the band at church.

These days Blythe is:

- potty training. We're doing all or nothing. She does best with "nothing" in regards to undergarments [ahem], and is doing quite well. Occasional accident, but overall impressive.
- talking non-stop. From the moment she wakes up, her mouth is going. I love it.
- loving a little more independence. "Move back, please."
- into stickers, tea parties, her doctor kit, and reenacting bible stories [her favorites to play are "the lost coin", "Jesus calms the sea", and "Daniel in the Lion's Den"]
- eating green beans!!!!!!
- asking for "noodles" for every meal. [me too, let's be honest].
- randomly quoting Frozen. I promised myself this would not happen to my child, but I think they've laced that movie with hidden messages to brainwash children. Yesterday she said, "All good things, all good things," [Olaf], and today she said, "Wake up, it's coronation day!" [Anna].

My caption for this picture is, "Oh, hey Mom, while you were sleeping I became a teenager." 

These days Becks is:

- just finishing another growth spurt and sleeping like a champ for naps and at night.
- randomly being finicking about eating. She'll eat for about 3 minutes and then just want to talk and smile at me. Okay.
- starting to start to laugh. It's the best.
- becoming more of her own person.
- getting rounder in the face and losing her hair, just like her sister did.

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Melinda Moss said...

All I say is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBDN8yWyNYU Get some kleenex. :D