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A threesome of senior girls asked me to take some pictures for them last month, and I had so much fun. I had the privilege of teaching these lovely ladies when they were sophomores, and they are as bright as they are beautiful. I also have been able to coach two of them in softball for four years [tsk, tsk to the other one for being a GOLFER! I kid, I kid], so even though they are probably sick of seeing my face, they still asked me to take some shots for them-- isn't that sweet?
 It was a fun evening, no doubt. 

This may be my favorite one in the whole bunch, because this is what they are really like when you get to know them. 

Seriously? I told you-- they are beautiful!! And all that gorgeous hair of theirs? They are awesome. My sister in law [who is an AMAZING photographer and just needs to open up her studio already…mmmkay, Beth?!], once told me senior girls are her favorite to shoot. I now understand why. They are the perfect combination of sass and giggles that make for some great photo shoots! Thanks ladies, for letting me be a part of this.

I also shot a few four year old pics for Mr. Wyatt. I snapped a few of his family while we were at it:

 It was hotter than blazes this morning and the sun was shining fiercely… and any of you that have taken pictures at all know that is not a good combination…throw in some little ones and it could be a disaster ;). But it turned out just fine, complete with Blythe eating some chalk in the background while I wasn't paying attention.

You think he's cute? You should be around him…he's even cuter when you have a conversation with him. Happy #4, Wyatt!

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