NINE months of Blythe

It's been a joy…and a lot of work…to have this sweet pea around for nine months. 

It's interesting because you always hear everyone saying, "It's gone SOOO fast! I can't believe I have a 7/8/9 month old!" While that is somewhat true, at the same time it feels like Blythe has been in our lives for a very long time. 

Everyone also says, "Time, please slow down!" And while we are enjoying this time with Blythe as she seems to learn something new everyday, we are equally excited for the next months and years as well. Bring it on, life! 

We had her nine month check up a few weeks ago and she is barely 16 pounds. Yes, she is a little one. She is extremely healthy and happy, and eats like a horse. Seriously, I can't believe the amount of food this kid puts away and yet she remains so small. We are still nursing…two more months and then I can finally BE DONE!! Hallelujah… and she eats three meals a day beyond her four nursing sessions. She also started some finger foods this month, despite her lack of teeth. 

I have a million sweet videos of her doing amazing things, but I can't figure out a quick and easy way to load them to this here blog. Stay tuned. 

Her newest tricks: SO BIG!, Muscles [complete with grunting], peekabo, and she can now do the full version of patty-cake [she claps, rolls, and throws it in the oven]. Yesterday and today she started stacking blocks too! Crawling? Just backwards still. 

And now I'll stop talking and let these sweet pictures speak for themselves. 

It became tradition to go turn on the Christmas lights with Daddy when he got home from work. 
Cardigans have become staples around here. 

This is what happens when you crawl backwards, people: You get stuck in a lot of corners, unable to get yourself out. 

Practicing her follow through at one of Torri's games in her sweatband. 
She helps me do a lot of laundry 

Her first snow
Sweater from Grandma Ann and headband from Aunt CeAnn
She also came up with the idea to tinfoil all of Paige and Torri's things when they were gone one day…little rascal. 
Christmas day
She loves looking at books 
Family picture after Christmas Eve service…and I am NOT wearing a giant bow in my hair- that is the Christmas tree! Ha. 
With Great Grandpa A.J. 
The other Reindeer 

Luckily she likes me

Xylophone from Nini and Pop
Love her sweet, post-nap faces
Our family snowmen that Brent made 
She took her sock off and started playing Peek-a-boo!

Those eyes…I tell ya what… 

Ham and cheese! 

Playing some basketball! 
Sleepy eyes 

I babysat a three year old one day and I let her pick out Blythe's outfit. This is what she came up with :) 
Naked patty-cake
Family photo without giant bow on my head

 And now for her "official" monthly photos:

I've been taking pics of her like this to show her size--well, she didn't want to lay still...

So we busted out one of my dad's "tricks." I didn't really think he had taught her anything, but low and behold…it worked! He does this thing where he whistles like a bird, and then says, "FREEZE!" and puts his hand on her belly. He says he is teaching her how to be still in the woods. So Brent tried it...

And she FROZE long enough for me to snap about 10 pictures! Ha. Maybe my dad isn't crazy…well….



 I also finally got out my Grandpa A.J.'s old baby outfits and snapped a few pictures in one of them:

She tilts her head and looks at people all the time…it is the cutest thing ever. 

this may be my favorite of the day- I want to get it blown up for the wall. 

We just can't keep our hands off her
In case you were wondering, this is our makeshift studio

I love the way these two love each other.
Baby Blythe, we love the way you learn and grow and change everyday. Our hearts expand each moment we spend with you.

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*carrie* said...

So cute. She and Naomi weigh the same amount!

One of my favorite pix is of her sitting listening to Brent play guitar.

She eats ham and cheese without teeth?! Forget the meat purees I referred to!