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So I thought that created "pages/tabs" on my blog was going to be like having my wisdom teeth pulled and require many hours, and maybe even some pain medication.

Ends up, I was wrong.

So now I have some little tabs up there under my title. Get to clickin'!

Most of you have probably read "our story" that I wrote about Brent and me, but if you haven't that little link takes you there!

Also if you have no idea who I am or what I'm about, which I'm doubting is like one person who accidentally comes to my blog, you can click on the "about me" tab.

The one that says "why 'words that sing'" is to answer the question I've been asked regarding the title of this blog.

"blythe's story" is her birth story, all about how our sweet Blythe Kathleen joined our family and made us three.

And the last one, the "best of", this is where you come in! I need some of your suggestions, you see. I want to link up some favorite posts-- if one or two come to your mind, please leave a comment and I will link it up under that tab! It will be fun to see what people remember me writing about.

And that's all for today, as it is 7:30 and Brent and I have yet to eat because crock pot meals are not very convenient when you put them in the pot an hour before supper time. Whoops.

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*carrie* said...

Very cool, Kelsey!

One of my favorite posts of yours was the fear one from last summer/fall. I also liked the TV show one.