another day off

mom let me write a little yesterday on her blog, but i tricked her into thinking i didn't really know what i was doing- jokes on her now because here i am writing my first real blog post! boo-ya. at first she was like, "b, girl, people are gonna think it's weird," and i said "mama, cool it. people love me. i can do no wrong." so here i am.

i slept in until nine o'clock this morning. mom thinks i don't know what i'm doing, that it's just a fluke, but i really do like to sleep, people. i'm not crazy?! who doesn't like to sleep?! i just have to keep the baby thing up while i can and so i can't just be sleepin' in every morning, ya know. if i slept in every morning mom and dad would stop looking at me like a baby and then they might stop putting me in those super fuzzy jammies with feet, which would be terrible…i love those things! the butterfly on the butt is getting a little old, but i heard mom tell dad last night how cute it looked when i was crawling across the living room, so i'll let her keep putting me in them.

yep, you heard right…crawling. i'm crawling, people. what? you thought i would never do it? nah. i was just going backwards the past two months to tease everyone. i was just waiting for the element of surprise.

i have a pretty large list of tricks now too. daddy will hold me and ask if i trust him. that's when i let him know that i do and i throw myself backwards. he always catches me. but man, sometimes when he asks me that i'm just like, 'yeah, i do, but i don't really want to do it right now.' or muscles? i mean, yeah, i've got them, everyone does, but why does everyone ask me about them every five minutes?

i also feel like i'm getting older because i got a tooth now. well, sort of. the other night it woke me up and i kind of panicked and screamed because i didn't know what was going on. it was weird. i mean, do you guys remember when your teeth came in?! sheesh. but mom gave me this grape flavored medicine or something and daddy read to me for a little bit and then i went back to sleep. it's all good now, but i overheard mom say that i'm probably going to get more? seriously? i don't know about this growing up thing, but if it means i get to eat that food that mom and dad were eating last night then i guess i'm game for it.

speaking of eating, isn't it the best thing ever? i would eat all day if mom would let me but she always says, "all done" way too soon. i'm like, "mama, come on? just a few more peas? a little more turkey? a slice of bread?" and she hands me my sippy cup like water is supposed to make me forget i don't have any food left. she asked me the other day if i was ready to be done nursing. i don't think she likes it as much as i do. i'll tell ya this much, though, if she makes me stop nursing she better start putting something else in my cup besides water!

and another thing: this weekend i got to see my dog friend, elliot. she was great, until she'd get right in my face. i gave her the meanest look i could when she did that and then she'd waddle away. i'm getting faster crawling though so i'd chase her. that's when i heard mom say, "don't get any ideas, blythe." i'm not sure what that meant, but the only idea i got was that i want a puppy.

well peeps, when you've got fingers as little as mine typing is a lot of work. and besides, i think i'm gonna let mom know it's time to change my diaper again.

this is where i'm supposed to blow kisses, but i'm not sure i understand the purpose of that? it just makes me slobber all over myself.


Linda Vander Zwaag said...

So cute, Kelsey!! I read it aloud to Uncle Alan and we both laughed - great way to start the week!!

*carrie* said...

Funny! You go, B! =)

MW Photo said...

"mama, cool it." <-- LOVE THAT!!!
oh, and get that girl A PUPPY!!! or, just invite her BFF, ellie, over. they need more bonding time. :)

Hannah said...

wow, Blythe! I am so impressed with your writing skills. So talented at such a young age. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised considering who your mama and daddy are :) Maybe you could come and give a lesson to my kids at school one day, tell them how to really write, mmmk? :)