get in my belly

I've been trying to plan for meals better. Pinterest has helped me, and the past two weeks have gone very well. Maybe you've been needing some inspiration in the kitchen as well…or maybe your husband is bored of eating the same three casserole dishes like my husband was. So I'm here to help you out. 

Here are some links to a few of the new recipes I tried that we really liked:

we LOVED this one- excellent leftovers

absolutely one of my favorites

this has a little ZIP to it, but very good [i served it with a little sour cream to tone it down]

stayed crispy for leftovers the next day- the sauce was delicious

super easy and delicious- good easily make with white sauce

nothing fancy but super easy, very moist, and would be great served over any type of rice
[i added extra water like recipe suggested which made the "sauce" very runny]

so very good- makes A TON

brent loved this- i liked it

so so so good. so so so easy. reheat wonderfully. 

i also tried SWEET AND SOUR CHICKEN- it was a little too twangy for me

Tonight we are having PULLED PORK SANDWICHES and I'm excited to make SAUSAGE TORTELLINI and LEMON ANGEL HAIR PASTA WITH CHICKEN AND SPINACH over the next couple of weeks. 

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