Four years ago on a very windy and hot day, Brent became my husband at a little ceremony in my grandparents' backyard. It was exactly as I had dreamed it would be.

If you weren't around over the past 2 years on my blog, you may have missed the little story I wrote: Our Story. The story of how I became "BrentandKelsey". So on this fourth anniversary of mine, I'm going to sit back and sip some coffee, read my brand new Kindle Brent surprised me with for our day, listen to the other gift he gave me this year make her little sleepy snorts and link you up to OUR STORY if you haven't had a chance to read the way that the Lord brought our lives together for better or for worse.

Click HERE and scroll to PART I.
[And click HERE if you want to read any of my musings about marriage].

You are kind when I don't deserve it. You are funny when I need to laugh. You are patient when I'm being stubborn. You are a leader when I am wandering. You are humble when I need reminded of what that looks like. You are God-fearing when I've forgotten how to be. You are my husband, lover, partner, and friend. Thank you for deciding that I was worth taking along on this journey with you. 
I love you. 

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