dreams for my daughter

Yes, I dream that Blythe will know the Lord. Yes, I dream that she will get a job she loves, a husband she adores that treats her right, and lives a fulfilling life.


I also dream that she has an imagination like I had as a child. An imagination that knew the sky was bigger than I could see out my window.

I dream she sees beyond a grove of trees and pictures a living world of fairies in their branches.

I dream she understands the art and grace of make believe, using it to turn dolls into her best friends for hours in her bedroom.

I dream she can look at a blank piece of paper and see it as a canvas for the story in her head or the picture on her mind.

I dream she can travel through centuries and seasons and epic battles while wandering in her backyard.

I dream she favors the pages of a book more than the flashes of pictures on a television.

I dream she can play follow the leader by herself, completely oblivious to the stares of anyone watching this miraculous feat.

I dream she crawls through mud, and makes recipe soup from plants, and catches snakes in the garden.

I dream she plants a piece of charcoal she steals from the grill, thinking if she checks back in a week it will have turned into a diamond.

I dream she has a box under her bed of scraps of paper, fabric, glitter, and hot glue that she uses to create masterpieces.

I dream she lays in bed at night creating poems.

I dream that she knows the land keeps on going beyond the horizon.

I dream she plays dress up, letting a grandmother's old hat and gloves transform her into a queen.

I dream she believes that Narnia exists.

I dream that her little years will be filled with wonder, and sparkles, as she frolics through the endless possibilities of her imagination.


Anonymous said...

this made me cry. these are my dreams for my daughter that i will have some day. this was my childhood.

Nick & Lauren said...

Oh, how I love this, Kelsey! Our dreams run parallel... these are hopes I have for my own little ones, as well! (well, except for the pretending to be a queen "thing"... I hope my boys pretend to be knights and kings!) Thanks for sharing.