baby bump: week 34

dear baby,

your mama is a tired lady these days. i suppose it does take quite a bit of energy to keep you growing though, so i don't mind it too much. getting out of bed in the morning sometimes seems like an impossible task, but i get it done.

do you want to hear the funny story for this week? well, if you haven't noticed in the pictures, i'm getting larger and larger because you are. i'm happy you're still growing and chilling out in there, but your current location has begun to make bending over more difficult. for example, when i put on socks i have to remember to balance myself with one arm or lean up against something if i'm not sitting down, otherwise i fall over. which brings me to my story for you: i usually like to keep my toenails painted, even in the winter. this hasn't happened due to the difficulty in getting to my toes. so i asked your dad if he would help out-- he of course said yes, before i mentioned that part of the job meant trimming my toenails. he is quite the trooper, but is always selfless and ready to lend a hand. you'll find this out soon enough.

we were able to take a tour of the maternity ward this week also. the delivery rooms seem nice and big, which is great since i know you'll have several people that want to come meet you as soon as you are here.

we're getting so close, sweet girl, so very close. hang tight just a little bit longer.

love, mom


Hannah said...

Oh, you look so cute! : )

Anonymous said...

Kelsey, is gravity pulling you forward in the pic? Hehe!

Kelly K

Anonymous said...

You're going to make an amazing mom <3