baby bump: week 33…better late than never

dear baby,

hello, quickly growing peanut of mine. you are getting so big and loving to kick me in my right ribs. i also have been experiencing braxton hicks lately. this is just my body's way of getting prepared for labor, but don't worry, they don't hurt me--they just take my breath sometimes. i don't mind them because it reminds me that i'm that much closer to getting to meet you.

your dad and i also started our classes this week. the first one was all about labor and delivery. though it all seems quite daunting and, to be honest, a little scary now, i keep reminding myself that God has created our bodies for this purpose. i also keep reminding myself that at the end of it all i will get to hold you and kiss you, which will make it all worthwhile.

your movements are very visible now. your dad and i get a kick out of watching my belly roll around. since we're so entertained by you already, i can't even imagine how much you'll make us laugh over the course of the next years.

one funny thing to tell you: you've been keeping me quite warm this winter. which is nice. it's like i'm constantly carrying around a heater. because of this i like to keep the house nice and cool. your dad has been a sport, and can usually be found wearing lots of layers or wrapped in a blanket. your nana even came over the other night and had a quick bite with us for supper-- she kept her coat on the whole time :). but don't worry, i'll keep your room warm for you when you arrive.

speaking of which: i am getting more anxious to meet you. i still love carrying you around with me everywhere i go, and i am quite okay with you hanging out in there for 7 more weeks…but i am anxious to finally see your sweet face.

love, mom

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