baby bump: week 32

dear baby,

every time i look and see that we are in single digit weeks left until you arrive i get so excited. sometimes i just go stand in your room [which will get done, i promise] and stand by the edge of the crib and imagine what it will be like to lay you there, or watch you sleep there. i also think about how quickly you'll probably grow out of that crib and how our lives will be changing constantly together.
speaking of change, i feel like it is only fair for you to know that your mama does not do awesome with it. and i know that you are going to be a HUGE change in my life. but i also know you'll be one of the best changes in my life, so i'm welcoming this change with open arms the best way i know how.

as i keep looking at these pictures of you and i growing i realize that soon i'll just have pictures of you...without me in them. i'm sure there will be days that i'll want to put you back inside me as i am quite enjoying this closeness that we share on a daily basis [even when that closeness means heartburn!].

your dad and i get to start our birth classes this week. we are going to have to miss some of your "aunt" torri's basketball games for this, which shows just how important it is to us to be prepared in the best way possible to bring you into this world. i think we're both getting a little more anxious about the actual process, but are trusting that the lord has brought us this far and will be faithful through the end as well.

we also put together your dresser this week. though it took a few hours we were both happy with the finished product, and are even excited about changing your smelly diapers atop of it [this may change in a few months!]. i also painted 4 canvases for you this week, each with one of the different character traits we pray you possess: compassion, modesty, joyfulness, and hospitality.

stay safe in there, sweet daughter, but know when you're ready that we are too!

love, mom

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Kali said...

You look so pretty, mama! Is that a new shirt? And baby cuz, apparently Caroline made you some curtains this week. At least that's what she told your Mom. I still have no idea what's she's talking about.