it's beginning to look a lot like...

You guessed it…Christmas. So here is the you-have-to-post-pictures-of-your-Christmas-decorations blog post.

When Meagan was here over Thanksgiving, she helped me find a little motivation to bust out the decorations. I'm not a grinch…but…not having a tree wouldn't kill me. Now that it is all up though, I'm happy we did it! [Oh and she wrote more about their time here over at her blog, with some awesome photos as well. Sigh. They're great. She even mentioned your dulcimers, Uncle Kirb!].

SO here is what it looks like around these parts these days, although you're more than welcome to just come see for yourself any time!! :)

[We had to add a little stocking this year, of course!]

The nativity set that Renae, my college roommate, gave me. Oddly enough, she and her husband received THREE nativity scenes for their wedding…in MAY…and they'd registered for none.
Brent and I finally got the lights up last week. And I LOVE THEM. He of course did the hard work on the roof, I just hung the lights around the windows etc. NExt year we may put them up in AUGUST thought because it took a long time for us to thaw out.

Hope you all are finding warmth as you prepare to celebrate Christmas. May we all remember the promise of that baby that came to us so long ago, and the new life we find in Him. Immanuel-- Lord with us. Merry Christmas!

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Renae Heesch said...

Your house looks much better than mine~ I did about half the normal decorating since Jaden is a walking path of destruction! Love that you're using the nativity set :)