baby bump: 24 weeks

dear baby,
this week has flown by, which makes me wonder what the next 3 months will feel like. you are movin' and groovin' like crazy these days, and apparently you're gaining the ability to hiccup, though i haven't felt you master this phenomenon quite yet.
i have been dreaming more of what i hope to do with you in the future--just simple little things like cuddling with you on the couch, taking you for a walk around town, and eventually dancing with you to some loud and silly songs in our living room.
i am learning too that you are going to teach me a lot about control…as in, me having to learn how to give it over to God. i can only imagine that if i'm learning that now, while you're still less than two pounds and in my womb, how much more i'm going to have to learn how to do that when you are crawling…or walking…or driving…or leaving…or…
…but i'm getting ahead of myself. today i will just pray that He give me this day my daily bread…and enough bread for you too.
besides teaching me things, you also are making it increasingly difficult for me to bend over. i realized the other day that balancing on one foot while putting on a sock was nearly impossible, and i'm thankful we moved into a home that already had a handicap handle to hold onto in the shower! but even in spite of my minor discomfort, you are wonderful in every way.
oh, and you only have to come with me to school for one more week and then it is christmas break!! [we like christmas break :)]
love, mom


Anna Mae said...

your posts always make me smile... :) You're already an amazing mom!

ashley putnam said...

Hiccups are much cuter & not so annoying when they are tiny & inside your tummy....let us know when you start feeling (and seeing) those! It was one of my favorites!