baby bump: 25 weeks

dear baby,

this was another big week for us as we crossed the 100 day threshold! can you believe it? [yeah, me either, kiddo].
so in less than 100 days i get to meet you, hold you, smoosh your cute tooshi…oh, it's gonna happen, look out!

i've thought more and more about what my hopes and dreams are for you. ultimately though i simply hope you know the love of our savior in your daily life, and that you are a kind and compassionate woman, always full of joy. everything else seems like details.

my energy level seems to be decreasing again, but don't feel too bad about that…i rather like having an excuse to crawl into my warm bed early these days. i love to sleep. i am really hoping that this is a trait you inherit from me…early in life. :)

sweet baby of mine, only 15ish more weeks-- i think we can do this! keep growing, daughter. see you soon!

love, mom

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