baby bump: 23 weeks

dear baby,
this week i have really been wanting to hold you in my arms. i know you are far better staying warm and cozy right now, but i'm beginning to feel the ache to see your face, and feel your skin, sing to you, and kiss your closed eye lids. i know we still have over three months to go, but my oh my how i love you.

you came with me to your first basketball games this week, and even though we'll love you no matter what, your daddy and i think you'll like basketball :-). speaking of that guy, you were putting on quite the show for him the other night. he was pushing on the lower right side of my belly because i told him that is where you were, and you kept pushing and pushing back, right where he was pressing. i have never felt you put that much effort into it. i don't know if he was making you mad or if you were giving him fist bumps!?

we also hung up christmas lights together. your dad did the tough, climb-the-ladder stuff, and we just stuck to the windows we could reach! i keep thinking about this time next year and how everything will be so different with you, nearly 8 months old, hanging around. you may just get me out of having to help hang lights at all…and for that, i want to thank you :).

i'm getting a little bit more anxious about getting your room ready, but if you make a deal to hold tight until the end of march, then i know i have plenty of time. more than that though, i know we want to get our hearts ready to receive you.

love, mom

"we're done now, thank you"


TheStartPhoto said...

OHMAHGOSH, I love her! I was she was here already!!!!

The Busy Still Life said...

You are looking amazing Kels! And I love reading your blog posts to baby! You definitely need to continue it post pregnancy, like Ann Lamott's book- "Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son's First Year"