My first year of teaching I had a student named Jeff. Jeff was a character and there are many, MANY, stories I could share [including him having to stand up in the back of my classroom because he kept falling asleep at his desk…eventually I looked up and sure enough, he's still standing, but he's completely asleep]. Well, I had Jeff the last period of the day. And everyday the bell would ring, they would stare at me like dogs waiting for chew toys, all anxious and whiney, and I would wave my wrist toward the door, signaling they could exit. Without fail, everyday, Jeff would stand up, pump both fists in the air, and channeling William Wallace would yell, "FREEDOM!!" [Yeah, didn't do a lot for my self esteem].

Well, yesterday I had a moment in which I thought of Jeff. I wanted to throw my head back, slap on my best Braveheart face paint, and yell "FREEDOM!!"

Because yesterday we decided to pay off the rest of Brent's student loans. And then, because we were feeling crazy, we decided to pay off the rest of one of my student loans. MEANING, we only have one of my loans left to pay off. FREEDOM! Even though it was a big chunk of change, we are thankful for the ways that God provides, and humbled that He entrusts us with His money.

However, I still feel like THIS about the remaining loan :-).

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Brent said...

love it. The end feels closer now.