Our Story: pictures

The first mission trip to Branson. Here is the original "quad." Brent and I were 15!
Top left to right: Brent and Brandon
And that is Micah next to me.

Summer camp-- 2003
Brent's hair was ridiculously long this summer. Derek is next to me. Can you tell this is when I lifted weights for basketball? Check out my quads! :-)
Here we are on the Colorado mission trip, summer of '03 also. This was on our hiking day in Estes.

We were just little boys and girls, but I knew what I was feeling… and boy oh boy did I like that kid with the mop of hair!


Brent said...

wow. NO comments on my hair yet kelsey...they must like it. I should grow it out again, right?

Micah Wolf said...

I like your hair better than my fat face...ick