Here is your back story:
Joan [Brent's lovely and wonderful mother] has predicted that I will have 5 boys in my future. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. She's mostly joking [I think].

Here is your story:
Tonight at Lowes [because Home Depot and Menards are the WRONG stores] Brent and I were walking through the lighting department. While he was looking up at the displays and contemplating, I happened to spot a family. A family of six. One father, one mother, and onetwothreefour- FOUR boys. All boys. The eldest was probably 16. Then maybe a 13 year old. An 11 year old perhaps. And the caboose boy was maybe 8. The following happened in mere seconds:
Boy #4 shoves boy #2 in the back. Boy number #3 is trying to pull something heavy off of the shelf by himself. Boy #4 is haggling with the mother to try to convince her to buy him something while boy #2 is also trying to convince her that boy #4 is trying to kill him. Dad turns to her and asks, "What about this fixture?"

I didn't hear her response because I was too busy saying, "Brent, I don't care what your mom says, I can't do it!"
Brent: "Huh? Do you like this fan?"
Me, looking for a brown paper bag to breath into: "A fan? Are you kidding me? Look at that family!!! I can't have all boys. I need girls. GIRLS!!! I am a girl! My sister is a girl! I know girls! I like girls! Boys smell!! Boys try to precariously push each other off of cliffs! I. JUST. CAN'T. DO. THIS!!"
Brent: "So you don't like the fan?"

Here is your reflection:
I know when Brent and I decide to have children the Lord will give us whatever sex He chooses; possibly even whatever sex He knows we can handle. But I am going to begin praying FERVENTLY that I do not have FIVE onetwothreefourFIVE boys.


ashley mcfee said...

I want all boys. Even if there are 5. The thought of daughters is terrifying.

Barb said...

I have one of each and while I do not prefer one over the other, I will say that in my experience, the boy is a little easier...

Brent said...

ha that's funny.

Kali said...

I think I'll stick with my girls :) Caroline likes it when I paint her toe nails and let her wear pretty dresses. And she likes to catch bugs. The way I see it, it's really the best of both worlds.

Sharon said...


Ana-Lou said...

Bwahahahahah Bwahahahahaha hahahahah! ;-)

This made me laugh so giggle filled bubbling over at the THOUGHT! Yeah the THOUGHT.

Why? Because I have FIVE GIRLS! And dolly . . . . they are wonderful but CAN act the same way when all together! ;-) And regardless of WHAT he grants you YOU CAN DO the motherhood that the LORD BRINGS!

Love Ya,

Joan said...

oh, Kelsey, Kelsey,Kelsey,Kelsey, Kelsey

momiss said...

Best of luck! I did the same thing and only ended up with 1 girl. For which, at this point in time (she is 19), I am PROFOUNDLY greatful. Boys do smell, it's true, but there is Febreze for that.
You'll be fine!