weird week

friday night-- ball game that almost went into over time. we won. aunt linda and uncle al arrive- hang out.

saturday-- wake up early and drive brent to work so that I can swing directly over to see Henry and Beth. Spend rest of the day with them and take home Dawson and Hawkins for slumber party. [we had quite the slumber party...Dawson wanted to watch 20/20]

sunday-- church. lunch with my fam before the VZs headed back North. then back to Brent's fam to bid adieu to everyone there.

monday-- Brent and I both had the day off so we headed to South Kansas City to buy our new Mac computer... we have been saving for over a year and half and were super excited for the day...oh, but sidenote, this girl woke up slightly ill [Beth and Henry had something...sound familiar? Love you, Beth :)] I powered up and barely made it through the day.

tuesday-- I went to school as usual...but felt like death. I did not want to be there but we had a game and I didn't want to miss it. Oh my goodness. Awful. By the end of the day the secretary had already called and filled out a sub form for me the following day and at the end of the day she came to my room and just said, "All you have to do is sign this and it is all taken care of. Don't come back tomorrow." I didn't even request it. I guess I looked sick. I drug myself home for a brief break and then drug myself back to school for the game. Unfortunately it was a crazy game that required too much of my energy. One of our seniors tore her ACL, we went into overtime…and we won. I walked out of the locker room directly to my car directly to bed. I didn't wake up until…

wednesday-- noon! I was feeling better than the day before but still rested and drank plenty of fluids….Brent was good to me.

Thursday-- back to school, feeling SO much better, glad to be with students again….then SNOW! Early out. Game cancelled.

Friday-- snow day. and feeling like death again. Not fun. But it is the weekend now. My nose is raw, my throat is burning…but, as Scarlett O'Hare would say "Tomorrow is another day!" Although she would probably sound a bit sexier saying it than I do right now. Oh goodness.

Weird week. I was only at school for a day and a half days and I only vaguely remember the half day. Next week is district basketball. We have the number one seed. I think this means I need to get more sleep. I will try to write something creative soon, but for now…Goodnight!

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julie said...

we just bought a mac too! I also, was very sick when we bought it... :)