Birthday and an anniversary

First, I must say happy birthday to my wonderful Grandma Ann! She is a fantastic lady who has taught me so much during my lifetime and it has been a treat to move back closer to her. Not only has she made us some beautiful things for our new home, but it has been fun see her more often. I'm hoping this summer I will get to see her even more :). Last year I posted this story about her home and the influence she has had on my life. I'm still so very thankful to have been married at her house...which brings me to my next thought today...

Today marks the day that Brent said, "Uhhh...I've liked you for about 3 years now..." We had just been at a bible study and he mentioned that he wanted to talk to me. I guessed that he had figured out that I liked him, and wanted to let me know that it would NEVER happen! So I quickly began talking to others and tried to sneak out of the church. He followed me out of the building and, since it was February, we got in his car. He cut to the chase, which I appreciated, and I responded with..."Wow, me too!" We talked a little bit longer, him saying he wasn't certain where this conversation would take us but that he knew he needed to say something. A week later he was at my house on Valentine's Day singing me a song he had written. Hook. Line. Sinker.

That was seven years ago. Seven. And I have loved the past seven years.

So happy birthday, Grandma...and happy "anniversary", Brent! :)


Brent said...
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Brent said...

Uhhh...I’ve liked you for about 7 years now :)

That's right folks...I spoke up and said something. ME. Pretty proud of that moment, actually...pretty sure every fiber in my body was telling me to revert to my much quieter side and to not speak up, but I did. And I got Kels. Lucky me (I don't mean that sarcastically, but more like an honest cute type of husband way)!

Happy birthday Gma Ann