I have shared a poem from this book before: here. My friend and I still occasionally share back and forth from its pages [oh to be an English teacher :)] and today she emailed me this:

"In love I can become tangled, in love I become a girl wanting to be a woman, I become a schemer and a planner and a play-by-play announcer. In love I am not a still pond or a smooth flying bird. I can clench, prepare, and predict. I want the love in my life to feel like a deep breath, a blushing laugh, a view across the sea of a cortez. Love always expanding wider, glowing in love we need just the true. we need those wide kind eyes of understanding. we need tumbling play. we need to show up-to open, to tell the sweet raw here it is. We need to show the pjs before the ballgown. "

Yes, please.

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