for the day

Since it is Valentine's day I thought I would post some old pictures of Brent and I. Oh how young we were :). This is our 8th Vday. We took pictures just about every time we were together...oh goodness. These made me laugh. Enjoy.

This was after one of our first real dates. We stopped and took this picture in front of the church were we first met. Could we seriously have smiled any bigger?
This was on a visit the petting zoo in OC.

And I found this picture while sifting through old files. TOO HILARIOUS. I had to post it :)

The first summer we were dating.

The night he proposed

Dressed up for Star's sesquicentennial ... classy.

His prom our Senior year

My prom our Senior year.

Kali and Dan's wedding...he looks pasty because I spray tanned.

When I mono...and I believe it was no shave November for Brent.

I think he was enjoying it a bit more.

Thank you, Brent. Thank you for loving me and laughing at me and with me and pushing me and praying for me and walking with me. I am a better me just by being near you.


Sharon said...

You were right all along.

Brent said...

Thanks Kels. We've always had fun, that's one of the many things i love about us.