Really, Kelsey?

I don't know if you've ever seen the Saturday Night Live skit in which the two news reporters do a segment called "Really?!" I don't watch SNL very often, but I would have to say that this is definitely one that can always make me laugh. They essentially say something very sarcastic and end it by the question/statement/ guffaw of "Really?!"

I feel like there could be a segment like this on my life right now:

- You not only felt the need to coach softball, but now basketball? Really, Kelsey? Really?
- You thought you should assign each of your classes multiple assignments each week so they understood the material but didn't take into account how much time it would take to grade them? Really, Kelsey? Really?
- You're at school so much that you have only cooked approximately 3 or 4 real meals in the past 2 weeks. Really? Really?
You feel the need to not just mark a question wrong when you're grading but also write out an explanation so the kids can still have an opportunity to learn the material? REALLY? Really, Kelsey?
- REALLY?! This is your life right now?
- Really, you grade papers by the light of your cellphone on bus rides to and from basketball games? Really, Kelsey?
- You can't will your body out of bed until at least 7:15 in the mornings because you are so completely exhausted and you don't understand that you brought this all on yourself? Really? Really?
- You can't write anymore because you have to grade for the next 5 minutes you have right now before going to practice? Really? REALLY?
- Really, Kelsey?

Really, people. Really. This is my life.


Mose said...

But you are changing the world!

Barb said...

A friend made me learn this word a few years ago and it changed my life. It's spelled N-O. I've tried saying it a few times and it really isn't too hard!

Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself or you will burn out.

Anonymous said...

And don't throw kids into the mix of all that