If you didn't happen to see the post I wrote about my slight obsession with pens, you may not understand my thank yous :)

A few days after I posted, I received a box FULL of a variety of pens and pencils. All with the familiar "Independent Farmer's Bank" logo :) Thanks, Russ!
A few days later I received a package with what I thought were princess dolls. Turns out, they too are pens! I don't think these will get stolen :) Thanks Aunt Linda! Hilarious!

One of the wonderful ladies I work with at school was celebrating her birthday on Friday. We all take turns on birthdays making dessert to bring for lunch. She was the one that set up the schedule and said she specifically wanted me to make her birthday treat!

I made 2 cheesecakes: a New York (my personal favorite), and a chocolate marble. It was my first attempt and I was quite pleased with the results... it didn't even crack!
I did have one mishap while making the cheesecakes though...I got my finger caught in the beater of the mixer!!! It was ON! Long story short, I plugged in the mixer and was then putting the beaters in and while I hit the mixer with my palm to make sure the beater was in tightly I hit the "on" switch. My finger was wrapped up in the beater and the momentum twisted my arm around. I composed myself enough to turn it off, worked up the courage to look, gingerly got my finger out, and then proceeded to sit on the couch and cry for about 5 minutes before returning to my baking. I have a bruise and a knot between the joint of my left middle finger, and I couldn't fit my wedding ring over my knuckle of my ring finger for a day or two. I don't think anything got broken though, which is a miracle, and everything is operating correctly (although the beater is ever so slightly bent!) Crazy. I learned my lesson though: put the beaters in BEFORE plugging in the mixer.

Not much else is going on here. Quarter grades are due tomorrow (I can't believe a quarter has already passed!) I have a class and a half worth of Art Narratives still to grade...so I better get started. Unfortunately it has turned into a beautiful day here, upper 60s and sunny, and I'm stuck grading- yuck! I may move out to the porch though for good measure.

Upcoming events:

A week long fall break during which Brent and I will be meeting our new nephew, Henry.
Wisdom teeth are coming out on Thursday...ahhhh!

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Elizabeth said...

those doll pens are the picture definition of ridiculous.

love them.