a teaser

I don't have time to write a real post or post all my pictures...so take this for what it is worth...a teaser if you will of our week home:

My sweet nephew Henry
Henry and his wonderful mama

Oh to squeeze a newborn and smell them...
Uncle Brent
No longer our "little nephew" Hawkins
Shhh my sweet little chunky
oh this is so good
and paige and torri fit in my wedding dress? what? we had fun.

And it was great to have a little vacation with my wonderful husband. When I'm home everyone says, "He is too good to you." I must concur.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you concur because yes, he is. And I hope you're "too good" to him too - because he's worth it.

Ana-Lou said...

It was pleasing to see your "teaser" and what your eyes saw while your heart felt deeply!

Maybe some time we can visit the "Bluegrass state" again and chat. Obviously . . . it was a sweet fall break.