puberty ruins everything

Today my writer's notebook invitation for my students was about dreams (for those of you that don't know, I give my students an invitation everyday and they write for ten minutes, because "if you write everyday you get better at writing everyday"). I should have known better than to give a group of 8th graders a prompt about dreams.

Today was a long day and the following was one of the highlights, not just of today, but I may even venture to say of my entire teaching career.

Warning: The following may be a bit pg-13. Don't say I didn't warn you. :)

From one of my student's notebooks came this entry entitled "Always in every dream." Enjoy.

"My girlfriend is in every dream I have. No matter what kind. We actually dream of each other every night. She once had this dream we were kissing at the ---- Park while the sun was rising. She actually wishes that it will come true, so do I. I just need tic-tacs. My breath stinks in the next minute after I brush my teeth (even if the toothpaste is very minty). But that's puberty.

I'm only 13 and you can smell my b.o. 20 feet away. But I'm going to put on deodorant. My deodorant is powered by baking soda for very bad armpits. So put on deodorant every morning."

It's true...that IS puberty. Alas is the life of a stinky 13 year old. The only thing that would make this better is if you knew this student. I also like the way he starts with a narrative that hooks us, and then leaves us with a little moral to the story: put on deodorant every morning. There is nothing about this that isn't awesome. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

One other thing, while I'm divulging school stories (again, this may be a bit pg-13 and not to be read while eating): Yesterday after lunch some undisclosed male student decided to, I don't know how to put this any other way, defecate on the floor in the boy's bathroom. Only as a teacher, and maybe a nurse and a mother, can one say that this is part of their "work day."

Hopefully next time I'll have something ELSE to write about :)

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Kali said...

I think that might just be the best explanation of puberty ever - hilarious! Also, poop has certainly become a very big part of my everyday life. But I'll take a newborn's poopy diaper anyday (ok, even every day) over an 8th grader. Gross.