This weekend I decided to make a trip down to Nashville. My mom was still in town, and Caroline was celebrating her first week! Of course, I couldn't miss this.

I ended up snapping a few million more pictures. These will probably be the last for about a month, so enjoy.

And yes... I may be a bit obsessed.

She was making the funniest faces. I think she knew she was posing. She was also about 10 minutes away from her next feeding, so she was doing really well for being hungry.

Eventually she got a little upset, and I think here she is saying, "Hey Lady..I need to EAT! Do you want to answer to this fist?!"
And then she gave up the tough guy act and tried her luck at a sweet baby scream...it worked. I snapped this picture, stopped, and then picked her up and loved on her until Kali was ready to feed.
Look at that sweet mouth!
I think she is one smart cookie. Look here as she is signing a "C" for Caroline.

After a quick clean up
Here was my final labor of love for Caroline and Kali for the time being. Kali wanted me to create something for the blank wall in the nursery, so I took some close up of all of Caroline's sweet little parts and printed them in black and white.
I loved the way it turned out.
I can't believe how much she looks like Kali in this picture. She especially looks like Kali's baby/toddler pictures.
Brent wasn't able to make the trip this time, and Caroline thought she should let him know that he was missed.

Hilarious "snake eye"


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics, Kelsey! You really think you can go a month?? Love the nursery wall!

Kyle said...

I think she is doing Paige's "muscles" don't you?
Great stuff.

Pa Pa Buddy

Micah Wolf said...

Love love the pics and the project you did for the nursery. you have to do that for me some day. love you

Kali said...

I think it's a rather healthy obsession :) And Dad, I definitely think she's doing muscles there! We'll work on the "coon dog" this week.

Anonymous said...

Love the nursery wall - darling!!!
Caroline's so cute and love all the outfits.
Kelsey makes a wonderful photographer and writer. Your so lucky to have such a creative sister.

Love Ya!

Kelly K