ventures, victory, and vacation


Today I went to a Louisville Bat's game (minor league baseball)... with my students! It was about 90 degrees and SUNNY! We had a lot of fun but I don't really remember watching any of the game because I was figuring out who was where. It was great to get outside of the classroom though for a little while, and interesting to see how certain kids act outside of those walls (some really come out of their shells). So I got a little color, got to watch a little baseball, and got paid while I was at it! Not too bad. I am completely exhausted though, and 8:30 is looking like a good time to hit the hay...


I did end up watching the American Idol season finale, and Kris Allen and America pulled through! I was very pleased with the results, and to see a youth worship leader humbly accept the title was refreshing. (For those of you that have no idea what I'm talking about...I'll get back to more important business)


Brent and I will head out tomorrow for a speedy trip home. Unfortunately we both have to work tomorrow, which means we won't make it home until about 1/2 a.m. Then on Saturday we are attending separate weddings; Brent is driving another 3 1/2 hours to Joplin to be an usher for a college friend's wedding, and I will be off to a close family friend who is getting married (Congratulations, Katie! So excited to be there!)

Sunday we hope to get both our families together so it is a little less hectic trying to spread our time. Kali and Dan will both be back as well, AND Aunt Linda is coming! Whew...it will be busy but fun, I'm sure. We'll head back on Monday and hopefully not roll in too late, as I have to face the summer-fevered 8th graders again on Tuesday :)

So...if you don't hear from me all weekend, you'll know why! Well, I think it's off to bed for me right now...I'm pooped just thinking about this weekend :)

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*carrie* said...

Have to ask you: when you were here, did you show Nathan where you live on that map in his room?! Yesterday, out of the blue, he wanted to look at the map. He was pointing to where various relatives live, and then he said, "Who lives by the horse?" (aka KY) Just playing along, I asked, "Who?" And he said, "Aunt Kelsey." What?! =)