a laborless weekend...sort of

Here we all are on a Tuesday that feels much to much like a Monday! But I hope you all enjoyed the three day weekend. NW never took labor day off, so this was my first one in 4 years and I definitely enjoyed the much needed down time. Brent and I didn't make any big plans; we just wanted to enjoy the time off to regroup and relax. We did allow for some fun though.

Friday, as I mentioned, was my first payday and so for the first time in A LONG time we wentto a movie at the "regular" theater [as opposed to the "cheap theaters" we usually hit up to see movies that were released a few months ago.] We went and saw TRAITOR, which was a pretty good, suspenseful movie, but I was disappointed in the ending [if you wanted a review:)]. Saturday we were able to sleep in a bit [oh glorious], and then we needed to clean. It's amazing how often this has to happen, even though there are only two of us here! Once we got done we took the time to go exploring a little more in our neighborhood: found a mall we didn't know existed and got a few clearance items at Old Navy :)

Sunday was the big game here in Louisville: University of Kentucky vs. University of Louisville. It's much like the MU vs. KU rivalry back home. Although neither Brent nor I had chosen sides, we decided it would be fun to watch the game, and Eric and Rachel came over [he's for UofL, and she goes to UK...interesting]. I took the opportunity to make some fun "game time snacks," including one of my favorites, "garlic-cheese pita crisps!" [I'll post the recipe later]It was also Rachel's birthday, so I made a "brownie cake" for her!
That night some of the other interns called and asked if we wanted to watcha movie. We get together in the pastor's "study" on the fifth floor at the church. This study consists of two large tables which are almost the exact size as ping pong tables. So... the pastor has made a net to fit and keeps paddles and ping pong balls in the room. We meet here because it has a projector and big screen...and endless entertainment for the boys. The guy diagonal from Brent is also married, and his wife Megan is wonderful and we sat and talked for about an hour while the guys played.
Yesterday we didn't want to do too much to ruin the beauty of a holiday, so we just hung out at the apartment for most of the day. Instead of going out for a picnic and fighting the mobs and the 98 degree weather, we just made a picnic at home.
Brent said thumbs up to the pasta! All in all it was a great weekend [minus the couple of hours I had to put in to grade...just to keep up!]. We wished that some of you could have been here to share it with us! PLEASE book your trips now :) [And yes, to the right of Brent is a luminous stack of papers!]


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Sorry I missed your call - we were at the lake (with Randy, Renee, & the twins). Thanks for posting - I check at least twice a day!!
Love you,
Aunt Linda

Kali said...

Sounds like fun! I like the picnic idea. You guys are such homebodies :-)