This weekend I felt a little bit like I was back in college again. I holed myself in my bedroom and started GRADING! I had a stack of "On Demand" writing...practice for the responses 8th graders must write for their state testing in May. I made my way through the papers, and even busted out my old, favorite mug for the occassion. This mug saw me through many a studius weekend in college...days which were usually so cold that a mug in your hands was as necessary as clothes on your back!The good news was, it didn't take me as long to grade as I thought it might. The bad news? Check out the following mispelled words I found in the handwritten papers:

appesheated [appreciated]
olimpes [olympics]
supost [supposed]
fouces [focus]
fowllow [follow]
veicales [vehicles]
igsist [exist...I think this one was my favorite, if there was such a thing!]
sords [swords]
fild [filled]
theaerdir [theater]
enstence [instance]
enspiyer [inspire...favorite number 2]
egsibites [exhibits]

This could be a long year, folks! :) By the way, fight number 3 in 5 days happened today in the hallway...what have I gotten myself into?! Other then that, things are starting to settle down and I'm feeling a little bit better as this week begins. I'll let you know how I feel on Friday :)


*carrie* said...

Yikes on the spelling and the fights. That's why these kids need great teachers like you!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Kels, but I can't help myself -- did you mean "studious" (speaking of misspelled words)? You are so funny!

Love you! MOM

Beck said...

Kelseye, arnt you beeing a litul critikul of some studends that mite have watched the olimpes or fowllowed the olimpes and appesheated for enstence the sord
fiting, you never no they mite be enspiyerd to grateness.
Jusst a thout, see you soon!