i will write...i promise

Our internet wasn't working all week, so I wasn't able to update about anything. I don't really have time write as a stack of papers is calling my name (personal narratives that need to be graded before mid-term grades are due next monday...will it ever stop?!) --In case you don't believe me, here is a picture of what I'm dealing with:

I appreciate all the love and encouragement I got after writing my last post. Just as a little update:

This past week was a "good" week. I saw some "slow learners" really pushing themselves, had some kids stay after for extra help, and remembered why I entered the profession. Each day is a new day and I must remind myself of this. One of my students wrote something in his writer's notebook (they write in these every day/every other day), and as I read it it gave me a new perspective yet again. He had written something along the lines of this: "I don't understand why some teachers only notice me and give me attention when I'm being bad. Why won't they give me the attention I need when I'm good, too?" (Although it was not that put together...those were the thoughts behind it.) Was this kid one that gets on everybody's nerves? Yes. Was this kid a student with ADD? Yes. Was this student one who you think is understanding nothing and then does well on a quiz and you realize you underestimated him? Yes. After reading this I not only took a different approach with him, but also a few other kids. Very interesting. I just need to be a better listener of my students. Stop listening to what I think is great wisdom and truly listen to what they are telling me (verbally or otherwise) and give them what they need most.

Anyway-- Kali and Dan were able to come this week for an evening and it was great. Here are a few pictures (mainly taken because Kali straightened my hair...and yes, Dan was here but there are no pictures of him ? hmmm):And this one is for Renae, who always made fun of our "pose"...

Although the time was short, it was nice to spend time with family. Also, here is one of the only pictures I have of our softball team. We lost the 3rd place game by one run. It was really fun though. Oh, and I played in the outfield for one game and when the ball was hit to me I first took a step back, and then ran up on it. Later Brent said, "Man Kels, you're so fundamental." Just wanted to say thanks Coach...even after all these years I (fortunately or unfortunately) cannot shake anything you taught me from my head. :)

Hope everyone has a great week. I'll try to write more this week and hope the internet cooperates.

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Anonymous said...

Who is that girl with short straight hair??? Looks really cute but not like my girl! So glad to hear you had a better week. It makes my heart hurt when you hurt.

Love you much. Mom