The name of this post is significant for a couple different reasons:

This is my 101st post [which I counted yesterday's two as one...which would make this officially my 100th]. I started blogging last fall, and have only recently become a little bit More consistent-- hopefully this next year will go even better.

Monday Joan did the math and informed Brent and I that we had been married for 100 days! Before we were married the most consecutive days we had spent together had been 33, so we've tripled that number, and we still can't believe the beautiful thing that is marriage. I truly don't think I could have taught for the first year without him.

A friend of Kali's has a blog dedicated to 101 things she wants to do in 1001 days. Brent and I think that we want to compile a similar list...so now that I've put that out in the open air, maybe it will actually happen.

Well, since this is day #3 that I don't have to go to school [still no power], I'm going to take advantage and vacuum and dust!

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Lyricality said...

Yay! I'm not a consistant writer.. and I misspell... a lot. It had been a month since I updated and Amy told me I needed to. I couldn't think of anything quirky enough so I just started listing out random things. Hopefully as my 'blogging career' continues, so will my writting efforts. Enjoy home time! Hope to see you tonight!