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I wanted to write more last week, but then the hot sun was calling me and friends and the pool and good books. Sigh. Summer. 

I hope everyone had a great Fourth. We didn't travel, but still saw lots of family and had a really great weekend. I always love celebrating the Fourth of July

To start this week, I wanted to share some pictures I took of this adorable little lady. She turned one last month and her parents asked if I could capture some shots and do a little smash cake session. It was so fun! She is a month younger than Becks, and her older sister is just 8 months older than Blythe, and it's always fun to be around girls the same age as mine and talk with their parents. I ask questions like, "Do your girls whine incessantly?" And when they say yes it makes me feel so much better. :) 

But really, this little peach was too adorable: 

Blythe was just excited she stuck around long enough to get some leftovers :) 

I love taking pictures on these looooonnnggg summer evenings, and this girl was an excellent subject!

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