for my mom

Thank you.
Thank you for making sure my hair was always brushed and pulled out of my face.
Thank you for feeding me good food.
And food I liked.
And making me eat food I didn't like.
Thank you for praying with me.
Thank you for taking me to the pool.
Thank you for reading books to me.
And buying books for me.
And taking me to the library.
And making me read on vacation instead of listen to music.
Thank you for singing me to sleep.
And all the back scratches.
Thank you for holding the puke bucket.
That's a big one.
Thanks for letting me hang stuff on my wall.
Thanks for making sure my house didn't collapse on us when I had new babies.
Thanks for loving Brent as much as you love me [and more sometimes!].
Thanks for still feeding me good food.
Thanks for spanking me.
Thanks for teaching me how to cook.
Thanks for showing me I didn't need to diet to be healthy.

Thank you for being patient with my teenage years.
And my toddler years. 
And my twenties.
And I'm sure my thirties. 

Blythe was sick this morning. It was the first multiple-throw-up-sick she has ever been. And we survived it together. And it made me want to thank my mom in all new ways. And now she is sleeping, and feeling better, and I need to clean. Unless my mom wants to come over so I can nap ;).

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