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I've been lucky to get in some Spring photo sessions in the last month, and I got to take some pictures of THE cutest boys. The dark haired model, B, turned FIVE and that needed to be documented folks! And little K turned ONE! [Yes, Becks has my permission to "hang out" with him when they are MUCH older].

Let me just tell you a little about my time with B. It was hilarious. I learned more about dinosaurs and Power Rangers in our hour together than I had in a very long time. For example: did you know that Tyrannosaurus Rex is Spanish for T-Rex?! It's apparently true because he told me. And he looked pretty serious.

Also, if any child modeling agencies are looking at this, you should hire this kid! He could model the crap out of any attire.

 And his brown-black eyes rival Blythe's. For sure. 

One last story: While he was sitting at this tree telling me about something gross his friend once ate, a squirrel shot out of the woods and darted right towards us. Like, fast. And out of no where. Freaked me out a bit and then I look at B and his eyes are even bigger than normal, but then he thinks a second and asks his mom, "Was that a girl?" She says yeah. "Oh. Okay. Not scary then." I can't make this up.

B, it was super fun taking your pictures. Of the hundred I snapped, no two looked the same because your face expresses your heart. And you're stinkin' adorable. 

Oh my word, and then there was K. I'm telling you, I have an almost one year so I can say this: you NEVER KNOW what is going to go down at a one year photo shoot. There could be poop, tears, blood...some combination of the three. But this little guy? He was PERFECT and he could have taken pictures for two more hours I think! 

His mom is so chill and cool and I want to be like her. Also, let me share this: K and his mom came over to hang out for a bit and then we headed out to my parents' home to find some good photo spots. We roll up in the driveway and we see some good photo spots...oh, and also my dad trying to fight a fire in his field [which he started] with a backpack of water. This is totally normal for me, and K's mom rolls with it...because she's so cool and chill.

Fast forward five minutes to when we hear THE FIRE DEPARTMENT TRUCKS barreling down the road, sirens blazing. But what do we do? We just take pictures; brush the tears from our smoke-burning eyes and take pictures! So, yeah. That was happening. But K just modeled like a pro while we made sure the flames didn't get too close to our photo set.

Are his big, round eyes not the sweetest? 

K, you were a dream baby to work with. Stay chill like your mama, and keep working those big eyes of yours. You're the sweetest. You have my permission to be bff with Becks.

 AND THEN! I got to take engagement photos for a dear friend. This girl and I go WAY back...like way back to bowl cuts [her] and braces [me]. She actually introduced me to Brent in junior high. So she's kind of my cupid. We parted ways and then God was like, "Hey, you two should rekindle that friendship" and we came into each others' lives again and man it's been awesome.

And then she got engaged to this guy. Blythe literally wants to pretend to be them sometimes while we are playing. It's kind of weird, but I get it, because they are so good to her. Anyway, they were troopers because it was nasty the day we took these. Misty and windy and cold. But they are so in love, and so goofy and fun, that it didn't even matter.

I asked them to bring some hot chocolate and they didn't even share, but they looked so cozy I forgave them.

They have so much fun together and we laughed a ton while taking pictures. I'm excited to stand next to them when they say, "I do" and to walk alongside them as friends as they journey into this beautiful thing called marriage. B & K, thanks for letting me take your pictures, and for letting me be your friend.

And then my sister threw her kids in the car and drove 13 hours and said, "Kels, take their pictures!" Since I'm used to her bossing me around I did what she said. 
Can I just say: I'm obviously partial to these children, but their beauty and this lighting and that purple field just combined into MAGIC and I wanted to take pictures until we all couldn't STAND it any more. 
I have so many I would love to share, but Mother's Day is coming up and there must be SOME that are saved for that occasion, I guess. 

These three. I love them so much. They are each so different and passionate in their own ways. 

"I just HAD to pick some weeds! I couldn't help myself!" 
I hated to tell her that ALL THE PURPLE "flowers" are actually weeds. 

People have looked at all the pictures I've shown you and said, "Kels, these are really great!" To which I respond: "You guys. Do you see the adorable children I am working with? I just have to point the camera in their general direction and voila!"

I love spring time and taking pictures. I really do. If you want to connect with me so I can point my camera in the general direction of you and/or your adorable children, let's talk! [Here are some prices at the bottom of this post.]

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Melinda Moss said...

Loved this. All of it. Favorite parts (except for the last pictures) was: "I cannot make this up"
Small children create and inhabit a much better world than adults do. Except for the boy squirrels, obviously. :D