an Oklahoma Easter

When Blythe was just barely one, we loaded the car and headed to Oklahoma for Easter with Brent's brother, Scot, and his family. We decided a repeat was necessary this year. We had a great time with Scot, Rian, and their three kids, as always. This is mainly a boring post with some pictures. So enjoy. 

Blythe was super excited to get to eat at McDonalds. She now knows there are at least three in the world.

Do you spot Brent? :) 

Poor Kylee and Myka picked up those cards at least 20 times while we were there since they were Blythe's favorite toy. 

It was pretty chilly while we were there, but the kids insisted they get the pool open and ready [it was 80s plus after we left...of course]

Becks' first Easter. In the dress from Great Grandma Hazel that Blythe wore on her first Easter [well, technically her second...her first is still a blur to me. She was about 2 weeks old]

The best picture we got of the four of us. It was nasty that morning--windy, spitting rain, and super chilly.  

We did a little egg hunt on Saturday. Blythe was into it. 

There were even a few eggs with Puffs in them for Becksy

"Hey, Mom, is it okay if I stick my finger in here?"

I want this coat in my size. 

she wasn't cold...she was posing

Easter has always been my favorite holiday. There is something so fresh and inviting about a holiday in which we celebrate a Savior who has conquered death and the grave. I hope your weekend was fun, but more than that I hope it was a great reminder of the risen Lord who calls us to live and love and serve like him.

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Hannah said...

Your girls are too cute! I'm glad you all had a happy Easter!

Liza DeYounge said...

You look awesome. When Charlie is 11 months, I will only dream to look as good as you! BOO, post partum weight!!