two villes, some fireworks, and lots of miles later…[part two]


Remember how I briefly mentioned getting a little cabin fever? It was this point the guys decided…FORGET IT! Let's just go outside! 

So we did! I threw my camera in a ziploc bag and blindly took these pictures. We were all soaked by the end of it, but had so much fun. 

Well, Caroline tried to have fun but then her shirt got wet [I don't know what she THOUGHT was going to happen?] and had a little meltdown. We took the shirt off, and that seemed to solve [most] of her problems ;) 

I think Ellie would have stayed out there all day. 

Caroline's face in this pictures is hilarious. It's rough being three-almost-four. 

Then someone got the bright idea to let Blythe have a turn with the flag and can you see the two-year-old coming out of Ellie? 

Ellie has PERSONALITY for days. She was really hamming it up. 


As much as I love spending time with Kali and Dan, and as much as our time together has gotten more chaotic the more kids we throw in the mix, our time has somehow gotten even sweeter when we get to see our girls together. 

And although we have a long way to go before I think they will consider themselves best friends [you know, when Caroline stops mothering and Ellie stops "MINE-ing" and Blythe stops crying every time they look at her], I can already see glimpses of how special they are to one another.  


If you've never spent time just listening to a three year old, stop what you're doing right now, go find a three year old, and strike up a conversation. Caroline had Brent and I in stitches the whole time we were there. 

Here are a few gems: 

While painting in her brother's room, Caroline wanted to help. I handed her a small brush and some primer. She immediately painted a cross on the wall. Soon she was getting ready to go off on an adventure with the others, and told me I couldn't paint over the cross. I explained that I would have to, to which she gasped and responded, "Oh! But then my baby brother won't know that Jesus died on the cross and rose again!" 
I don't have a specific example, but just picture her singing 85% of everything that comes out of her mouth. 

She informed Kali and I that she could take the little girls out in the pool [when the sun came out]. She explained, "I can be the lifeguard. All I have to do is make sure their heads stay above the water." 

She said we shot off fireworks in the "neighbor-sac." [I think she meant neighborhood OR cul-de-sac]. 

And when explaining that Ellie didn't like the fireworks when talking to Nana, she said, "Ellie was crying! She had tears SOBBING DOWN HER FACE." 


I know people will think I'm crazy or lying, but Brent and I have never minded driving long distances. [Kind of like you, Meagan ;)]. We enjoy the time together, like finding random songs to listen to, and have some of the best conversations ever. It was on a road trip we chose the name Blythe Kathleen for our first daughter. This trip was no exception, even traveling with a one year old.

just playing with her tea pot in the car

At one point Brent had me literally laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my cheeks [or is it "sobbing"?]. I'd tell you the whole story, but I'm sure it wouldn't be funny now. 

On the way home he grabbed my hand and said, "Kels, you're my best friend." I looked at him and said, "I know. When I hear other people say, 'I am marrying my best friend!' or whatever I think, No, they aren't. Because I don't think they could possibly be as good of friends as us." He laughed and said, "Yeah. I doubt it too." 

See…road trips are the best! 
What is vacation without a little ice cream?!

That's all I've got, folks. 
And Blythe seriously was awesome…minus a few teething moments. 

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MW Photo said...

these are some of my favorite pictures I've seen of each of these girls, and definitely my favorite of all three together. the best? the 4th of July one from above - beautiful! and these are definitely some of my favorite of your girl - she's SO STINKING BEAUTIFUL. ugh. I love it.

momiss said...

Love love LOVE this one! Totally agree that everyone needs a conversation with a 3 year old too.

Pink Pamalamma said...

Oh the three of them in their 4th of July dresses is precious!