shower caps

The other night I was getting ready to jump through the shower and I popped on my shower cap. Brent saw me looking for it and his snicker was audible. 

He hates the thing. 

I don't know why? I mean, it's a lovely piece of plastic on top of my head, and when I shove it on, I think that by hiding my hair it brings out the best features in my face, right? 

According to Brent this is false. A shower cap is the worst, most ridiculous thing that could ever adorn my body. 

This is where I must form my argument. 

Point one: I have curly hair. If you do a quick google search, or speak to anyone with curly hair, you will learn that curls are dry and too much washing makes them dryer which equals frizz and unhealthy locks. I can't wash my hair everyday. Would Brent rather I take a shower once or twice a week ONLY when my hair can get wet and be washed? I think not. 

Point two: Just look at how that water bounces off the cap in the below picture? Do you see how happy this girl is, bushy eyebrows and all? It's because her hair is dry under that beautiful piece of equipment. 
Point three: It is so easy to use. I won't lie and say I haven't wrapped a grocery sack around my head a time or two, but look at the ease with which this lady is tucking in her hair. 

Point four: Shower caps now, apparently, like every other product out there, have a million different options and styles. Maybe Brent would approve if I got something fancy like this one? 

Point five: Just because he doesn't like the indention the elastic band leaves on my forehead is no reason to hate this wonderful invention.

 In his defense, typically while wearing the cap my makeup is not nearly as put together as these ladies, and is typically smearing down my face in large streaks. So be it.

Long live the shower cap!

*all images taken from google images

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Anne said...

Hilarious! It's been a long time since I busted out the shower cap, but this post is inspiring me. Love it!

Hannah said...

Personally, I love shower caps! It's amazing how nice they can keep your hair. I use them on a regular basis, because it's like you say, if you have curly hair your can't be washing it every single day. Plus is help keep everything looking nice and "normal" for a little bit longer! Nearly every time he sees me with the shower cap on Landon likes to tell me, "I don't think many girls could pull off being bald, but you would be able too, your face is so nice." What a sweet compliment :)