TRI-ing again

See what I did there with the title? 

It was that time of year again…time for Brent's triathalon, and time for me to wake up entirely too early to be there to see him jump in the pool at 7 a.m. 

But this year my dad was also joining in on the fun swimming, biking, and running. 

This is a super sprint triathalon. They swim 200 meters [harder than it sounds! Down and back twice in an Olympic sized pool! You go try it!], bike 8 miles, and then run 2.1 miles. The point one is very important. 

Brent did really well last year , and finished 24th overall. He of course wanted to improve his time this go at it, so he practiced the swimming a little harder before hand and was a little more strategic in his transitions.

He was out of the pool in no time and hopping on the bike, wearing the helmet that was dented in the front from his bike wreck at the beginning of the month with his brother in law.

I feel like now is a good time to mention he wore spandex pants. Obviously he looks okay in them, but Spandex is just weird.

He came in off the bike and got off of it like a pro. 

And then he was OFF…like a bullet. This guy can run. It's like what he was built for or something…or he trains like a mad man. He was in the top FIVE for fastest running split of the day! 

In the meantime, Blythe was cheering her dad and papa on with the best of them, while eating her breakfast because, well I drug her out of bed for this thing and I had to feed the poor girl!

Her cousin, Henry, and her Nini and PopPop even joined in on the festivities.

It really is a shame that no one pays any attention to her.

While we weren't watching Brent or making sure Blythe was fed and entertained, we were cheering on my dad! He wasn't super excited about the swimming portion, but he did well. I mean, this is the guy that used to plug his nose when he jumped off the diving board, after all.

Once he was out of the pool and on his bike though, I think he felt pretty comfortable and was able to make up some time on the road. 

There is a lot of spandex happening in the next picture.

Then it was time for the run.

His goal was to finish in an hour. His official time was 1 hour and 5 seconds! Sounds awesome to me! 

Brent's official time was 47 something. I'm drawing a blank. I'm sure he can tell you in the comments on this post [please, Brent?]. He shaved THREE MINUTES off his time last year. Awesome. He placed 18th overall and finished 2nd in his age group. 

They both did awesome and I think are already planning on doing it again next year.

Blythe was excited about Brent's medal. Look at the awe in her face.

Waking up at 6:30 and cheering hard really took it out of the poor girl though.

Here's to next year! [And you better believe I am not making any bets about THIS event!]

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Brent said...

Brent's Official Time: 47:18.2 in 18th place overall out of 169
RESULTS: 2nd in age group, 17th in my Gender
Swim 4:37 (61st overall)
Transition 1 : 1:32
Bike 26:53 (35th overall)
Transition 2: 00:28
Run 13:36 (4th overall)

momiss said...

Hale the conquering heros!
And yes, spandex is weird. lol I often wonder if they don't need protection just for that..... it reminds me of when my daughter started wanting to wear mini skirts out of the house.
Same exact feeling! That may weird in itself, there.....