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I recently read a blog post about wedding do-overs. This woman married her husband about 5 years ago, about the same time Brent and I were married. She wrote about how this was during pre-pinterest days, pre- wedding blogger days etc. and how those have completely changed the game. I think she's right.

Granted when I got married 4 and half years ago I could still do google image searches for wedding dresses or flower arrangements, but that was about the extent of "wedding research" beyond magazines. Now you can find ideas for just about any type of wedding you want at the click of a button. 

I'm not sure how I feel about this.

I do like that people feel the creative license now to make their weddings unique and personal; that they try to do something that embodies their personalities. However, I think our society may be losing something when they start to focus more and more on the decor and the party and less on the marriage itself. 

That being said, with all the ideas floating around now, there are probably a few things I would change if I had a do-over, but not too many. 

- Bridesmaid dresses
I could NOT find anything on the more casual end of the spectrum in the color coral, and so my mother in law was AMAZING and made the dresses, which was quite the undertaking. She did a phenomenal job, and we saved a lot of money [we were not going to have the girls pay for their dresses], but if I were to do it over I would have had the girls pick their own individual dress in the color/ close to the color. You've probably seen this look now at weddings, but that just wasn't something people did 5 years ago.  I love how it looks together and in pictures, and then each girl also has a dress in a style she can wear again later. 

- Up-Do
MAYBE. Probably. 

- Dance
I would have at least done a father/daughter dance. We had a sound system set up, we could have done it, but since we weren't having a dance at reception I thought it would seem out of place. Looking back I shouldn't have cared and should have just done it. 

- Videographer
I think I would have loved having someone capture all the goings-on. We had a family friend record it, and at least we have video, but someone on a DVD with music and transitions and all the other good stuff besides the ceremony would be sweet to have captured.

I put a question mark here because since everything was outside and it was WINDY that day it really didn't matter. We couldn't even light the candles, [which I actually ended up taking back to the store since they never got lit!], and I now realize how silly it is to spend an arm and a leg on that stuff. 

I would change very little. We went to a friend's family's cabin in Colorado. It was perfect. However, as with everything else, we were pinching pennies and I think we should have splurged on like one meal or excursion or something? [We spent around 300 dollars on our honeymoon for EVERYTHING, including air fare, but it was simple and relaxing and just what we needed before our big move-- and I think we'd appreciate/enjoy a big trip later anyway]. 

And I probably would have strung white lights through the trees at the reception. 

And stuff I absolutely wouldn't change at all:

Pretty much everything else. 

The Groom. Obviously. He's the best.
The location. Loved getting married at my grandparents'. It was just perfect. 
My flowers from the garden that my aunts put together.
My dress. 
The people in the wedding [except I would probably add Brent's sisters to wedding party].
The cake. Even though it fell over and looked terrible by the time we cut into it, it tasted DELICIOUS! 
The music [though I would have loved to have had STRINGS!]. 
And everything else….

Even though I didn't have other references to go from I love that the ideas I came up with were, for the most part, my own. I love that I didn't have a single mason jar present. I love that we kept it simple, and that we spent less on the entire wedding than some people spend on their dress or their photographer. 

It was a wonderful day. And I got to marry Brent. And we didn't break the bank. And we were happy. And we asked the Lord to help us keep our promise, on days we aren't as happy.

And all of that I wouldn't change even if I had a do-over.

What about you? 


Betsy said...

I'm one of those "secret" people that's been reading your blog! I started a little less than a year ago while crazzzzy bored at work - I was a dedicated FBer in general during that time, and think I read every.single.status.update.ever posted by any of my "friends" over the next couple months. Thankfully, quite a few people had blogs, so I started following ten or so folks around then...you happened to be one of them!

I, too, hear lots of people saying how they'd do everything about their wedding different. I'm only halfway as far as you, but there's still only one thing I'd change (and I realized it about a month after we got married, and I'm still sorta bummed about it)- Jordan's and my first-dance song. I picked One of Two by Gary Chapman. Later I wished I would have picked Green Eyes by Coldplay, the song that Jordan says is his song for me. Hindsight. ;)

*carrie* said...

For some reason, I'm spacing many specifics right now, but I've definitely thought of things I wish we'd done differently.

One that comes to mind: we gave little bags of Hershey's kisses as favors to the guests. That seems so LAME to me now.

Wish we could have been at your wedding. I remember where I was that morning, thinking of you!