8 months of BLYTHE

I didn't snap as many pics this month, mainly because we were here, there, and everywhere. I know these aren't ALL of baby girl, but this was how she spent her days this past month.

She still is not crawling..which I'm totally okay with [and it made decorating for Christmas easier :)]. She get up and rocks and rolls and scoots around though. She still loves to stand and play. 
And she loves to eat! 

She's developing quite the little personality and we are enjoying her so much. 

I love her sweet post-nap faces

We got to see some of our favorite friends, Meagan and Shane!! And good news for us-- they are moving HERE! Well an hour and a half away and we'll gladly take it! 

Blythe got to see her cousins again when they came for Thanksgiving. 

They had quite the time, matching pjs and all. 

And Blythe was excited that her Paige was home on break too! These two like each other. 

Modeling her new outfit. 

We had BEAUTIFUL weather and got to eat dessert outside at Great Grandma Ann's

Everyone is SO THANKFUL for you, Baby Girl. 

We also got to see her OTHER cousins…life was good. 

Kylee getting ready to fly a kite 

It cooled off, but that didn't keep us from going for a walk! 

My dad and Dan even got into the fun and games and played a round of Just Dance

One of our favorite games to play together- THings.

Is there anything sweeter?

And basketball season started!! Supporting our #22. 

I have also been making a lot of baby food…as Blythe is eating more and more. 

I'm trying a new 'do

Her eyes are ablaze with the lights of Christmas

Watching Daddy put up the lights

First trip to a local dairy farm

And one of my college dreams was realized this wekeend: My child got to play with my college roommate Renae's children, Jaden and Jera. Jaden is almost two and Jera is 6 months…but clearly bigger than Blythe. She is also super snuggly which I loved because Blythe isn't really a snuggler right now. 

So happy when she gets to stand

And another month has come and gone. Keep growing. We love you. 

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Hannah said...

Oh goodness! She is so stinkin' cute! I love her sweet little face!