At the end of June Brent and I pulled the plug on our TV. We knew we'd be dropping to one income shortly, which was a little motivation, but we also decided we were spending entirely too much time in front of the tube.

And you know what…we have hardly missed it.

We knew when we cut our cable that we wanted to at least get local channels with our antenna. Long story short…four months later… we still cannot figure that out. We have tried different antennas [mounted to house, inside], converter boxes, different tvs, etc. etc. etc. No one seems to be able to figure out the problem. So whatever. Our TV is silent right now. And it's actually not a big deal.

When the Olympics were on it was a little annoying, but it gave us some excuses to go to family or friends' houses and watch and hang out.

We had certain shows we would watch in the fall [The Mentalist, Castle, Modern Family, Biggest Loser…] We haven't missed them like we thought we would-- and when we do they are online if we really want to catch up.

We have been watching some of the old show [and my old love] ALIAS online. But other than that…nada. Zip. Nothing.

And you know what: I get SO much more done during the day. And in the evenings we just hang out and talk and play with baby girl or go for walks. The dishes get done. Laundry gets folded. It's an amazing thing.

I think Brent occasionally misses Sports Center, and there are games we sometimes want to watch. But mainly, we are quite content and satisfied without it.

What about you? What is your cable situation? I know a lot of people have switched to just netflix or something similiar…just curious.


Anonymous said...

We never had cable in MO, and we did not have it when we first moved back to Ohio, but now we have direct tv. I never have time to watch tv due to work, Aiden, dishes, laundry, and being overly exhausted. Althouh, if we did not have it I might get more time with my husband, or get him to do more stuff around the house :)

Rotten Orange Poetry Slam said...
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*carrie* said...

A few years ago we called our cable provider and ask for the bare minimum of channels. (Their "basic" plan included like 40!)

Last winter, we decided to cut off cable completely, and now we have an antenna and get about 10 channels, which is more than enough for us. I love PBS the most for the great kid shows. (Mitt, please take note.)