genetics are funny

I was sorting through pictures the other day and found some of my niece, Ellie, when my sister Kali was home last February for my baby shower. According to my calculations, Elz-a-bellz [as we like to call her, per Caroline], was roughly the same age [6 1/2 months] as Blythe is now. 

And genetics are a funny thing because these two could not be more different!! :-) 

First we have an eating picture of both of them:

Ellie has never been the neatest eater. 
And I barely have to wipe B up after I feed her. 
[If this were a competition: POINT FOR BLYTHE!]

And size:

Clearly the POINT GOES TO ELLIE here. 
I think B weighs about what Ellie weighed at two months. My little peanut. 

And smiles:

They are both adorable, in my biased opinion….

Now if we had a competition on hair Blythe would lose that one, so we'll just stop right there. 

Happy weekend, everybody. 

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