I know that I am jinxing everything by posting this but…
I seriously have THE NEATEST EATER of all time. 

I kid you not, Blythe is amazing with a spoon and food. From the first day I fed her, she has neatly accepted anything I put in her mouth. She never reaches for the spoon, or wipes her mouth with her hands. She doesn't spit food back out. She will eat for as long as I put food in her mouth. 

If she needs wiped up at all when she is finished [and sometimes she doesn't], it is because I messed up with the spoon. If there is anything on her bib it is my fault, not hers. Seriously, it is unreal. My mom marvels at it, as she has fed many, many, many babies in her day. 

THe food you see on her upper lip and bib was my fault, as I was distracted and missed her mouth
 It is truly amazing…and wonderful. I'm sure it will all change but for now, it makes feeding her a breeze as she cleans up the food in about 2 minutes or less! 

Oh baby girl, you are spoiling me! Thank you. 

And on one other note: look at this picture and tell me your heart doesn't melt into a gigantic puddle of 'oh-my-goodness'!

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*carrie* said...

That IS crazy. Naomi's gotten better with practice, but wow, Blythe is amazing. And her eyes in that last pic--beautiful!