drumroll please….

After a fitful night of sleep, tossing and turning and full of anxiety and excitement for the next day, Brent and I woke up and began the countdown to 3:20 p.m. when we would get to see our baby for the first time in a sonogram.

Brent decided to wear this today: A blue shirt with a pink tie. What will the sonogram reveal?

Torri showed up at school and brought me this tray of cookies:

Even though some arms and legs had fallen off, and they included a dog just to make me laugh, it was a really cool gesture [and the cookies are delicious!]

In 2nd hour some of my girls brought me this cupcake with blue and pink sprinkles:

I didn't snap a picture of my voting sheets I had in my classroom but will tomorrow. My students were very excited which still amazes me at how sweet they are and how much they care about me.

Finally after waiting ALL DAY, at quarter after two, I walked to my car and my nerves and excitement just kept rising. I picked Brent up from the bank and off we went. In the car I was either jabbering or we were silent. We got to the doctor's office, I checked in, and five minutes later we were in the little room and I was having jelly rubbed on my belly [I was so glad I didn't have to sit and wait!! They got me in 15 minutes BEFORE my appointment time! Awesome].

The technician flipped off the lights and then began explaining the images we were seeing of our baby. Oh. My. Goodness. And some people think there is no God? These images were unreal and seeing our baby's heartbeat was simply incredible. Brent and I just held hands and smiled at the miracle on the screen.

Our technician, Kristin, was chatty, but very sweet and just kept showing us different parts. FINALLY, about five minutes in she asked if we wanted to know the gender. YES YES YES, I screamed at the top of my lungs [Okay, so it was more like a mild, "Yes, please]. And then she said nonchalantly with a smile…as if it weren't changing our lives forever…

"You're having a girl…"

I squeezed Brent's hand to keep from busting. He squeezed back. "Are you sure," I asked. [I just had to check]. And she said, "I'm positive. She's been flipping around and shown me about 6 times!"

We were/are thrilled. We both not-so-secretly were hoping for a girl. When we first got pregnant I whispered a prayer, "Lord, please give me a baby girl to love." Brent has always thought he would have a girl first. And he is going to be a phenomenal dad to a girl.

She printed off some pictures for us and sent us on our way. She said since our girl was moving so much it was tough to get a good profile [that's my child alright!], but here is one of the best ones: Her face is in the bottom right and you can see her nose and lips. The second "blob" on the left is her abdomen. Isn't she beautiful?!

We had given our family members two cards when we told them we were pregnant. #1 and #2. We called and said, "OPEN NUMBER TWO!" Squeals. What is better that already having 2 granddaughters? Having three!!! We met up with Brent's parents and went to supper [at Olive Garden, of course], and they were thrilled too. I thought my dad was going to bust, but instead nearly tackled both Brent and I in hug.

A girl. A girl. A girl. Brent teared up when we were in the waiting room after our sonogram. He's so excited. We can't wait to meet her!

And now I better get this blog posted so you all can stop wondering!!! :-) Thanks for being excited with us!


Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaaayyyyy! Gods blessings on you and your beautiful baby GIRL!!! :) Love, Trish

Larissa said...

Yay! Congrats! Girls are so fun :)

Anonymous said...

I am one of those people who has read your blog forever and never leaves a comment. I know that's so annoying! But I wanted to pass on my congratulations! Your kids are going to be so blessed by your writing someday. :-)

Ana-Lou said...

Praise the LORD FOR YOUR PRINCESS!!!! We know she will be Just absolutely B E A U TIFUL!!!!

We LLLLOVEEEEEE "GRILS" (Kents' kindergarten term)!
Psalm 139 = Blessings to ALL THREE OF YOU!!!
Love The K's!

Shane said...


Shane said...

(ps this isn't Shane - the technology lies :) - it's me, the overly excited Kentucky "aunt"!!!!!! :) )

ashley putnam said...

Sooooo excited for you both! She will be the sweetest, most blessed & loved little girl there ever was.

*carrie* said...

So excited for you guys, Kelsey! Isn't it just so fun to know and be able to plan accordingly?! (Less than three weeks away for us . . .)

Hannah said...

ooo!! I'm so excited for you!!! baby girls are so wonderful!! : )

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, CONGRATS!! We had a whole bunch of girl cousins the same age growing up and it was such a blast :) So happy for you guys!